Awaken Your Creativity

Your creativity is the embodiment of your souls deepest desire to express its unique nature. I often meet people who feel they don't have a creative bone in their body. Or they feel blocked from experiencing their creativity more fully in their daily lives. We are all creators, who never stop evolving and each of us is here to express our gifts and share them with the world. It is one of my my deepest desires to help others re-discover those gifts within themselves. If we begin to awaken our sense of curiosity and exploration connected to our creative natures we can imagine new and inventive ways to adapt and grow from many life situations and have fun in the process.

When working with me privately I will support and guide you on a personal journey into yourself where you will be amazed at how creative you truly are!

When I work with a client privately for painting and or meditation, I pay deep and close attention to the body-mind-spirit connection. Here we can directly access more of your life force and open up to your unique creative energy and natural creative impulses.

I teach some simple yet powerful practices that can help you let go of the inner critic we all sometimes face, and access the pure joy of creation. Through these practices it is my intention to help my clients open up in their bodies, access their imagination, embrace the mystery of being alive and let go of any negative thought patterns that block the flow of creative energy. When this energy is allowed to flow freely we feel more ALIVE in every way. We become more present and effective in every aspect of our lives, not only in our artistic pursuits. We find that we become better communicators at work, at home, in all of our relationships.

Visit my Private Sessions page and my Workshop page to hear what people are saying and learn more about how to work with me to help Awaken Your Creativity.