I had the privilege of being part of Rachel's meditation/art workshop last year. Rachel expertly, gently and wisely steered us to a quiet, meditative state through guided imagery. I was amazed at how quickly I relaxed and listened to my breath. I could not believe how refreshed and rejuvenated I felt afterwards. Rachel created a safe environment for each of us to share a bit about what we experienced. Throughout the painting session Rachel was instructive, supportive, encouraging, and patient! It was quite cathartic and interesting to see the final product! I must say the experience was liberating. Especially after the meditative session. I felt a freedom to splash paint on the canvas, use different colors, and not think too much. It was so much fun! The group of women were very supportive also as we all became interested in each other's art creation. We finished the painting session with a close circle of friendship. My heart was full of gratitude for Rachel who so expertly and lovingly organized such an inspiring afternoon! Thank you Rachel for this fabulous workshop!

~Alli Jason