"This class is a must for anyone who wants to expand their horizons and open up their life to the creativity that's inside all of us. I have long admired her gorgeous works of art and we own several of her pieces. To have the opportunity, to be instructed by a consummate professional, and a woman who I deeply admire, was a thrill.

~Deborah Alpert-Orall


If you have been wanting to open the door to your creativity and make some new friends, I cannot wait to welcome you to one of my live events!

The imagination is my favorite home address. All the best stuff happens there! This workshop is designed to Awaken Your Creativity and help you remember what it felt like when you were a child coloring and creating with absolute freedom of expression. It is my deepest intention and passion to guide others to a place inside where anything is possible. Where your natural creative impulses can arise organically, where you can feel open to trusting your intuition, and you can hear the voice inside that knows there is no right and wrong with art, there is just your way of making art.

Many painting classes teach you to paint just like the person next to you. The whole class is set up to paint the same still life. This is NOT that class!

I am interested in guiding my students to explore themselves though paint. This is where art making has the chance to truly heal us from the inside. It has a way of letting us speak directly with our soul. This conversation between you and your soul is what I hope to inspire at one of my workshops!

Whether you are already an artist or a curious beginner, the creative journey continues to unfold within you. Allow me to guide you on a fun journey of self discovery through painting and meditation.

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I had the privilege of being part of Rachel's meditation/art workshop last year. Rachel expertly, gently and wisely steered us to a quiet, meditative state through guided imagery. I was amazed at how quickly I relaxed and listened to my breath. I could not believe how refreshed and rejuvenated I felt afterwards. Rachel created a safe environment for each of us to share a bit about what we experienced.

Throughout the painting session Rachel was instructive, supportive, encouraging, and patient! It was quite cathartic and interesting to see the final product! I must say the experience was liberating. Especially after the meditative session. I felt a freedom to splash paint on the canvas, use different colors, and not think too much. It was so much fun! The group of women were very supportive also as we all became interested in each other's art creation.

We finished the painting session with a close circle of friendship. My heart was full of gratitude for Rachel who so expertly and lovingly organized such an inspiring afternoon! Thank you Rachel for this fabulous workshop!

~Alli Jason

As a novice meditator and artist I was a bit nervous but Rachel immediately put me at ease. The meditation and discussion before and after were nothing less than miraculous.I was able to tap into the creative energy locked deep down inside. Being at her studio for the art portion took me back to my childhood. There was no right way and no wrong way, there was just your way.Unlike some painting classes where everyone is making identical versions of the same art, we each were invited to explore our own ideas and let that determine the final product. I loved seeing my piece come together, improved greatly by suggestions and help from Rachel. The atmosphere was so supportive and fun! Any level of artist could benefit from the experience.

~Linda Folsom

To have the opportunity to be instructed by a consummate professional, and a woman I deeply admire, was a thrill. Along with the joy of meeting like minded women, I got to go home with a painting I did under her guidance and direction. I also learned some amazing breathing meditation techniques that I still use today. This class is a must for anyone who wants to expand their horizons and open up their life to the creativity that's inside us all.

~Deborah Alpert-Orall

I was privileged to participate in Rachel's Awaken Your Creativity workshop. The meditation was inspiring. Feeling peaceful and inspired after meditation we went to Rachel's studio. I am not an artist but with Rachel's encouragement I was thrilled with the landscape I created.

The class was awesome and Rachel introduced several techniques that helped me make my vision become a reality.

~Marsha Niles

My friend Linda asked if I would be interested in taking a painting class that included meditation. I said to myself why not you only live once, live on the edge and see what happens. So I went. We learned breathing techniques to help us relax and put us in a perfect creative state of mind. Everyone painted what they wanted from a picture they found in a magazine or from something they saw inside their head. I remember starting out painting a seascape which I was lukewarm about. I walked around the room and saw what people were painting when I returned to my painting I decided to turn it upside down and came up with a completely different piece of work! My painting turned into a still life of flowers in jars which hangs in my house today. Rachel was non- judgmental, warm and encouraging and helped to bring the artist out in all of us. It was an inspiring day for me and I would encourage all to breathe and paint!

~Jeri Anderson

"I was fortunate to meet Rachel because my good friend 'gifted' me this workshop. Rachel's workshop begins with a small circle of fellow students. Rachel guides us through a meditation to relax and center ourselves. She helps us release the fear and get our creative juices re-activated. We then join her in the studio and she loosens us up with our throwing paint on a large canvas. Rachel then shows us various techniques we can use on our own individual paintings. Rachel is so supportive and helpful. I felt a kid-like joy in just using color and having FUN. My art piece hangs in my home and gives me pleasure to look at and remember that day.

~Christi Mo

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